Revolt 2405

November 17,2009

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Update: June 23, 2009

Irrlicht works. We get a decent enough framerate with our empty map. Of course that will drop as things are added.
A recently approved Beagle Board sponsored project is to get Irrlicht working much better. So for now we will
focus on other areas. Currently we are working to get our map into Ogre also.

OpenAL Soft 1.1 and OpenAL utility toolkit are working on Beagle Board. Playing a foot step sound
drops the frame rate to just above acceptable though. We definitly need to spend some time optimizing.
I would like to move audio to the DSP. I think that it will not be much of an improvement unless the
DSP core outputs directly to the audio codec in the TWL4030. This might be possible but I think control of
the codec would have to remain on the ARM side since it has to be done on the I2C link that controls the

So now I think we will take a look at the project as a whole and see what we can do with NEON and the DSP
to help speed things up.

Update: May 29, 2009

So Irrlicht runs on the Beagle board. The software renderers are too slow to be useful.
The OpenGL ES 1.1 renderer ran but there were no textures.

So the plan now is to get textures to display on the GLES1.1 renderer.
Next is to get Ogre then Irrlicht to run from a console without X.

Update: May 27, 2009

We have received a Beagle Board from
The sample applications for the OGRE engine have been installed. So far the frame rate
is very low. I am in the process of porting Irrlicht to the Beagle Board so that tests
can be run with that engine with both OpenGL ES 1.1 drivers and the software renderer.

Art work is also progressing and I hope to have some concept art to post here soon.

This will be the location for information regarding the game Revolt 2405.
As progress is made this will be the place for updates, screen shots, and downloads.
Thank you for checking us out.

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